what if you could meet your celebrity crush but the cost was them knowing everything you’ve ever said about them in your tumblr tags

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"Whenever you’re going through a bad day just remember, your track record for getting through bad days, so far, is 100%; and that’s pretty damn good."

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getting spoken to as if i’m straight by straight people who assume everyone is straight, subsequently feeling like the world’s most useless and irritated secret agent

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Alison Hendrix dancing on places she shouldn’t be pt. 3 [pt.1] [pt.2]

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period period go away don’t come back because i’m gay.

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period cramps more like


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parents: i want the truth

me: *tells truth*

parents: nope youre lying wrong answer



you have no idea the lengths I went to to find this gif set.

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what if when we’re like 80 they remake harry potter and the kids of that time get to see peeves and st mungos and “it unscrews the other way” and “have a biscuit potter” and the portraits applauding in the headmasters office and no fucking breaking of the elder wand I’m going to be so pissed off

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Bless that one person in every group that is like “keep going, I’m listening” and encourages you to finish your story even when everyone else is talking over you.

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I’m convinced that Edge of Tomorrow is just a long form, really well produced audition tape for Emily Blunt to play Commander Shepard in the eventual Mass Effect movie

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